The Vanilla Deck

The promiscuous Premier deck for SWING!

will include:

A Bashful Barista serving coffee

30 Unique Guests

Invite a Bashful Barista or a Loyal Lover to join you ...

A couple cuddling on a porch swing

30 Unique Moves

Get intimate with an Ear Nibble or conversational as a Cunning Linguist ...

An antique Ottoman

30 Unique Locations

Get comfy on a Folded Futon or a Vibrating Bed ...

Bring your partners to Orgasm with

6 Iconic

6 Legendary

18 Rare

30 Uncommon

60 Common


120 Coquettish Cards

to collect & enjoy
  • A policeman and a woman

    The Bondage Deck

    Feb 14th, 2026

  • A shirtless gardener

    The Naturalist Deck

    Feb 14th, 2027

  • A woman in a lake

    The Water Sports Deck

    Feb 14th, 2028

  • The SWING Set

    December 2028

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